Links and Endorsements

Here's a list of places I shop, support, or just love. Please check them out and spread the love!

790 CFCW - The Zabava Program
The Sunday Night radio show on CFCW where you can often hear Millenia and other artists I'm involved with in the Ukrainian community.

Alberta Grown
Nick, my garlic dealer of choice.

ATB Branch for Arts and Culture
Where I do my banking!

Blaire Comrie
Audio and Computer Programming

Crasno Electronics
Get your weird vintage electronics repaired here

Gabrielle Pietersma - Photographer

Hear... By Request

Infinite Event Services
The place for corporate AV and event rentals!

First Night Photography

Katherine Marie Photography

Kost-Les Automotive
They keep my wheels on the road!

Long and McQuade
Where I purchase most of my gear from.

Kiwi Productions

Kori Deby - Photographer

Market Sound DJ

Michelle's Gluten Free Kitchen
This is where I eat every day. If you're interested in the Gluten Free lifestyle, check out her recipes!

T-Shirts... Get your T-Shirts here!

Plunge Audio
If you need in-ears, this is the place to go. It is the only place I recommend.
( although, if you're new to in-ears, go to L&M and pick up a pair of Shure 215's. Decide if you like the in-ear world first, THEN go to Plunge )

Stang Guitars
Get your guitars and basses fixed up by Doc & Paul

Thunderflush Plumbing
For when things get leaky or backed up.

Two Bodies Of Water Productions
Where I usually go when I need some studio space to work in.

Whiskey Drop
The place to go to get your alcohol!