Tape Transfers and Museum

Need an analog tape transferred?  Need a digital tape or disc converted into a file?  Drop me a line, I may have the right machine for the job!

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Tape Transfer Rates:

Please inquire for current rates!!

All transfers are uploaded to a Google Drive for you to download.
These will be available for download for 7 days upon completion

If you require physical media, $10 for a USB stick, or $10/disc for CD or DVD.

Some ( not all!! ) reel to reel tapes require a baking process to re-activate the binder to make them playable again.
$25 for up to 6 tapes.

Audio CD to Mp3/FLAC/WAV conversion also available!

Discounts available for large collections.  Delivery and pickup service also available.

My Tape Museum

My entire life, I've been collecting tapes and media. Usually, someone sells off their collection because they don't have a machine anymore, or things are just collecting space. When I receive a new tape, or collection, I go through each item and decide if it is worth keeping, or if the media is destined to be just reused. My criteria for keeping an item is very simple, is the material interesting and well recorded? Or does the material have some historical significance? Anything of historical significance could be radio broadcasts, band demos, band master tapes, audio letters, etc. My library is quite large now, and I've been searching for an effective way to share this material with people. I'll be populating this page as time progresses, and I get to transfer the material. Please Enjoy! 

All copyrights are of the original owners. I claim no ownership!

The Lords / Mary Saxton Promo Tape
5" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, Transferred using the B67

ITV - Black Friday Report
Home recorded Beta tape, Transferred using Sony SL2700

CFRN Teen Bandstand - Sometime in 1960, with Johnny Cash interview
Home recorded Reel, Transferred using Sony TC854-4

Klondike Days - The Chuck Barber Orchestra
Homemade Mixed Tape - Transferred using Otari MX5050

The Cat Family
5" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, Transferred with the B67

Barry Ennis and the Keymen
5" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, Transferred with the B67

Willie and the Walkers
3" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, Transferred with the Sony TC854-4 

Graeme & The Waifers - Oh I Don't Know
3" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, transferred with the B67

Unknown Tape labelled  "Master" Jack Henning
5" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, transferred with the B67. Only 2 out of the 3 songs were transferred. The last song requires some forensics, as some bad tape was used for splicing. 

Unknown Tape - It's Only a Heart
5" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, transferred with the B67.
3 Different versions of the song. Single, Instrumental, and acid/beatle induced

Vancouver City Savings
5" Reel, Full Track Mono, transferred with the B67.
Different beds for radio spots.

KWIZ Radio Spots
5" Reel, Mono, transferred with the B67

Sidetrack Cafe Radio Spots - March 86
5" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo, transferred with the B67

1991 Vegreville Pysanka Festival Grandstand Show
Transferred from VHS, courtesy of Jodie Wacko

Grant MacEwan Pop Choir - 12/12/76
7" Reel, 1/4 track Stereo, Sounds like it was recorded from the piano bench... 

Raggedy Ann's Secret - Good Humour Man
5" Reel, Mono. Not sure if this is a master, but interesting nonetheless. 

CKSR Radio Promos
7" Reel, 1/2 Track Stereo. Two radio announcers putting together Station ID's. One seems to get frustrated with the process. ( This is prior to CJSR, sometime between 1970-1978 )

Fraser & Debolt with special guest, Lenny Breau
Recorded live, sometime in the mid-late 70's, on a Monday, at the Hovel, in Edmonton.

The Producer's Choice - CBC Radio - March 30, 1964
Featuring Tommy Banks & Bob Miller

Ranchman's Radio Promo - Date Unknown