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Nicely done, you have a fabulous open reel set up.
John R. Konkin

Mike Brazeau is incredibly talented, professional and fun to work with. Whether you’re sharing a stage, need a sound tech or can’t get your computer working right, Mike’s the guy!
Deanne Jennings

Mike is a great entertainer, and terrific bass player! I've had the privilege of preforming on stage with Karaoke with a live band with Mike. Always made me feel comfortable and was helpful if I messed up. Always a joy to share a stage with him!

Very nice site. I would add a few more graphically ditties on some of the text heavy around tapes and other things or Music just for fun but otherwise love it.
Brian O'Boyle

Dood! The 'transfers" page is awesome!
Neil van Dijk

I've worked with Mike on a couple occasions. He was the sound tech at each event and was a pleasure to work with! Mike is professional, knowledgable and fun to be around!
Kalli Melenius

Mike's service and quality is second to none. I had a box of old audio reels and cassettes that I had no way to listen to. Mike converted them to digital and for the first time since my Dad passed away in 1995 I got to hear his voice again. Thanks Mike!
Justin McLean